The Team Behind RALOS

RALOS is all about the people!

At RALOS, we have always believed that people are the most important! From putting our customers first over poor industry practices to our incredible team, RALOS has always been about the people.

While we would love to include our entire team on this page, that just isn't possible. Below you will find many of the key people here at RALOS as well as a little about them and their backgrounds.

RALOS Team Photo at Steelheads game

Boise Born and Raised!

At RALOS, we are proud of our Idaho roots! Many of our team including our owners are from Boise and we are all excited to be apart of this great community. From exclusively partnering with local business for our promotions, hiring local veterans and partnering with local first responders, we place a high priority on our community. While our ambitions are to continue to grow, our heart has always and will always be in Boise!

RALOS Born and Raise in Boise Idaho

Our Team

One of the great things about our team is how diverse all of the different backgrounds are. We have people with backgrounds in home automation, commercial construction, technology development, veterans, engineers, drone pilots and much more! This truly diverse team is what allows RALOS to think outside of the box and upset the solar and electrical industries.

Sam Holmes

Sam Holmes

Regional Manager

Who We Are

Originally from Boise, the founders of RALOS left to pursue a career in solar in some of the most active markets in the United States. After participating in more solar installs than the entire capacity of residential solar installed in the state of Idaho, the Treasure Valley began tugging on their hearts. Upon their return to Boise, our founders began sharing their vision of delivering energy independence to Idaho and quickly found others with the same heart. After joining forces with a 30+ year Master Electrician and his team, RALOS is now uniquely positioned to bring energy independence to Idaho through superior electrical contracting, residential and commercial solar, and much more!
  • Nationwide Experience
  • Born and Raised in Boise
  • Family Owned and Operated

How We Can Help

As a full-service electrical contractor, we can help you with your energy and electrical needs in many different ways. We offer full Residential and commercial services for electrical and solar as well as offer a wide range of energy solutions including generators and energy efficiency products.


RALOS offers full commercial and residential electrical services. From large constructions sites to your living room ceiling fan, RALOS can help with all of your electrical needs.

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RALOS got its start with a desire to bring energy independence to as many people as possible. A big part of that mission is solar and it is one of the reasons that we are so passionate about it!

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RALOS is an authorized GeneracĀ® Dealer and able to provide our customers with exclusive offers on installation and setup since we are also a full service electrical contractor.

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At RALOS, we believe conserving energy is as good as creating it. Upgrading or replacing your heating and cooling system can save you more money and provide greater comfort.

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