Frequently Asked Questions

As we have helped hundreds of customers, many of the same questions come up and particularly in solar, there can be a lot of wrong information out there. Here we hope to keep an updated list of the questions we get the most often as well as questions that we see a lot of wrong information out there concerning.

If you have a question that you can't find listed here, please give us a call and one of our team members will do their best to get it answered for you!

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Our Top Questions

We hope that you can find your question listed below, but if you don't see it, please give us a call at (208) 992-3992 or send us a message any time!

Is Solar Expensive?

Actually, thanks to the push towards renewable energy through both local and federal initiatives, it is cheaper to create your own electricity than it is to buy your power from the Utility Company. You can get Solar with no out-of-pocket cost and begin saving money the day your system is turned on! The types of programs and sun exposure will determine how much money you actually save.

My Utility Bill is already low. Does Solar still make sense?

According to information collected by the Energy Information Administration (, Residential Utility Rates in Nevada have nearly doubled in the last 25 years. So even if your bill seems low now, lowering your electric costs through Solar and protecting your rate always makes sense.

Do I have to wait until I have a new roof?

Since we warranty and insure all of our roof penetrations, we will be the first to tell you if you need a new roof prior to installing a solar system. The good news is that, in many cases, you can even include the new roof with your Solar project with little or no money out of your pocket!

What if the technology gets better in the future?

Solar technology is better now than it has ever been. With today’s technology, there is enough open area and sunshine in the Southwestern U.S. to power the entire world! The average increase in a home’s efficiency greatly exceeds any loss of efficiency in the Solar panels, which means a system that is creating all of your electricity today should continue to do so for the lifetime of the equipment. Plus, as State and Federal incentives continue to decline over the next several years, the overall cost for Solar is likely to increase.

What if I decide to sell my home?

All of the Solar financing programs we work on are fully transferable when you decide to sell your home. Not only that, recent studies show that Solar panels will actually increase the value of your home and help your home sell quicker! In most cases, a home with Solar will see 3 or 4 different owners during the initial lifespan of the equipment, all of whom will benefit from the power being created on-site.

Will it cause my roof to leak when it rains?

Every system is professionally installed and weather sealed. Each installation includes a roof penetration warranty and a separate insurance policy which covers not only the roof itself, but everything inside your home as well! Solar has been known to extend the life of the roof it is covering because the panels will absorb most of the weather and harmful elements that typically break down your roof material, which means you will typically get more life out of your roof than you would without rooftop Solar panels.

Do I have to lease the system?

No! We have a variety of different options, which allows us to tailor each system based off what is the best fit for you and your family. We will explore all of the different incentives and programs you may be eligible for and make sure you understand how the programs work. Solar is not a “one-size-fits-all” product. When you schedule your no cost, no obligation Solar Consultation, we will explore all of the various options and let you decide what makes the most sense for your situation.

Will I be able to create all of the power I use?

In most cases, we are able to produce 100% of the electricity your home currently uses. Each home is different, however, so we will take a look at your usage and even look at other energy saving options that can help save you money! If you are currently connected to the local utility, you may still have to pay a connection fee and certain government taxes once your system is turned on, but creating your power through Solar is still much cheaper since the bulk of your utility cost comes from the electricity you purchase from the Utility!

Where are you able to install solar?

We are constantly expanding where we can bring our unique energy solutions so if your state isn't highlighted below, make sure to check back soon.

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